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With 60 year’s experience in design and manufacturing, CTP has completely acquired the most advanced core techniques of screw pump, marine centrifugal pump and gear pump, especially after introducing and absorbing core technigues for more than 20 years in 1984. In order to tropicalised to Chinese electric system, CTP carried out redesign for imported centrifugal pumps from Taiko, which extended the application area of this series of product. Based on tracking the advanced pump techniques in the world, CTP developed the following new products series by self innovation:
HW series -multiphase Pumps & Systems
HPW series for high pressure twin screw pump
HTW series twin screw pump for high temperature
SNHG series three screw pump for high temperature
3GW series three screw pump for high temperature
PW series - single screw sewerage pump, etc.
CTP has got own intellectual property rights for all the new products above mentioned.
Today,CTP pumps, including eccentric helical rotor pumps, twin screw pumps, three screw pumps, marine centrifugal pumps and gear pumps are in a leading position in China and our techniques have reached the international advanced level. CTP pumps have proved to be highly competitive in the international market.






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