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Application fields

Application fields


Application Fields
The pump can be used in all kinds of lubrication systems, hydraulic systems as well as craft cooling systems. It serves in shipbuilding, metallurgy, steel and iron, petrochemical, electricity and other industril circle.
Medium to be transferred
It is used to transport all kinds of pure lubricating liquids such as lubricating oil, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluid and natural oil. And also liquid with poor lubricity, such as light fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, asphalt, viscose and emulsion, can be reliably delivered by it.

Application Fields
The pump serves in industries including Petroleum and chemical industry, oil fields, offshore platform,shipbuilding, paint, power plant, food, cosmetic pharmacy, etc. And it can be used as flow pump, delivery pump, loading pump, stripping pump, cargo pump, main engine lubricating oil pump, the fuel oil injector pump and so on.
Medium to be transferred
It can be used in the transfer liquid from low viscosity to high viscosity polymer,lubricating and non-lubricating medium, corrosive and the non-corrosive medium, multiphase flow that contains gas.

Application Fields
The pump serves in industries including ship-building indstry, sewage treatment plant, architecture indstry, petroleum and chemical indstry, oil refining indstry, chemical indstry, food, pharmaceutical indstry, and viscose indstry.
Medium to be transferred
It is used in the transportation of neutrality or the corrosive liquid, pure or the wear ability liquid, liquid with fiber and high solid, liquid with gas or easy sparging. And even the non-flowing magma also could be uninterrupted transferred by the pump.

Application Fields
The pump serves in ships and offshore platform.

Application Fields
The pump is used in the transferring of lubricating-oil that doesn’t contain solid particles or fiber and other similar liquid. And it can also be used in hydraulic transmission. It can serve as lubrication pump, transportation pump and pressure pump in many industries.


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