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Companies will years economic work to promote

Companies will years economic work to promote


On July 19, companies will promote economic work held a year, the company all above middle-level cadres to attend the meeting.This meeting is a periodic summary of a company's economic work, the meeting, some executives are respectively in charge of the work is summarized, at the same time in the second half of the work plan is put forward.First reported in the first half of the company, general manager of main economic indicators and the key work completion, analysis the development of the company's current situation, the second half of the work deployment and arrangement, has been clear about the focus.The chairman ShangZhiWen on how to further standardize the company operation request.

Meeting requirements, in the face of fierce market competition, we should further unify thoughts, firm the confidence, convinced that target, must be forthcoming.Director at all levels must work hard, have the courage to bear, to implement the conference spirit to specific work, truly a distribution, nine points, to ensure the successful completion of tasks throughout the year.