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Solemnly declare

Solemnly declare


Appears in view of the recent illegal businesses use network media to fake issued in the name of my company product advertising information, and unauthorized use of my company product pictures constitute infringement of the company solemnly legal notices for the following:
1, tianjin pump industry machinery group co., LTD. (former tianjin industrial pump factory) is a national key backbone of large enterprises, was founded in 1956, is China's first set of screw pump, Marine centrifugal pump, the birthplace of the esp, leading products for all types of screw pump, Marine centrifugal pump and the gear pump, is the largest and most complete varieties, with the most advanced processing means and quality testing means the most scientific professional manufacturers.
2, recently I found a screw pump industry company of tianjin company issued false information on the website and use my company's honor certificates, product pictures, such as making false propaganda, enough to confuse the market;A website to use my company product pictures without our company authorized information such as product promotion, the above infringement behavior has caused damage to the facts of our company.My company is now appoint lawyers to carry out the investigation work, the above infringement, our company reserves the right to their civil liability shall be pursued.The company is now formally inform the above enterprises should immediately delete the false information on the website and tort image information, and company to apologize to me, otherwise, the company will start legal proceedings, the resulting all legal consequences by infringement enterprise ego.
3, the company also inform interested with tianjin pump industry machinery group co., LTD., products to buy and sell relationship of customer, before the signing of the contract, should first identify or calls to my company verification, consulting, lest be deceived.Finally, tianjin pump industry machinery group co., LTD., sincere advice to the masses of customers, must not be used in tianjin pump industry machinery group co., LTD., release of false information, if you have learned about using my company engaged in illegal activity behavior in a timely manner to reflect my company, please.