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On July 19, companies will promote economic work held a year, the company all above middle-level cadres to attend the meeting.This meeting is a periodic summary of a company's economic work, the meeting, some executives are respectively in charge of the work is summarized, at the same time in the second half of the work plan is put forward.First reported in the first half of the company, general manager of main economic indicators and the key work completion, analysis the development of the company's current situation, the second half of the work deployment and arrangement, has been clear about the focus.The chairman ShangZhiWen on how to further standardize the company operation request.
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Iran's oil show 2018-01-30
Iran's oil show
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October 12 to 14, the company successfully completed the 2016 annual military quality management system external audit. In the company's quality department of the organization reception, the audit to GJB9001-2009 "weapons and equipment quality system", GB / T19001-2008 "quality management system", the company's "quality management manual" and the corresponding management of the various departments As the basis for the audit, the various departments of the company on the quality management system to implement the effectiveness, adaptability, implementation of the assessment and evaluation.
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