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Twin screw pumps

Category Description :

Application Fields
The pump serves in industries including Petroleum and chemical industry, oil fields, offshore platform,shipbuilding, paint, power plant, food, cosmetic pharmacy, etc. And it can be used as flow pump, delivery pump, loading pump, stripping pump, cargo pump, main engine lubricating oil pump, the fuel oil injector pump and so on.
Medium to be transferred
It can be used in the transfer liquid from low viscosity to high viscosity polymer,lubricating and non-lubricating medium, corrosive and the non-corrosive medium, multiphase flow that contains gas.

Technical specifications
Capacity: max. 2700 m3/h
Diff. Pressure: max. 10.0 MPa
NPSH: min. 1.5m
Rev: max. 1800 rpm
Temperature: max. 400 ℃
Viscosity: max. 105 cSt

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