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The external audit of the quality management system was successfully completed in 2016

The external audit of the quality management system was successfully completed in 2016


October 12 to 14, the company successfully completed the 2016 annual military quality management system external audit. In the company's quality department of the organization reception, the audit to GJB9001-2009 "weapons and equipment quality system", GB / T19001-2008 "quality management system", the company's "quality management manual" and the corresponding management of the various departments As the basis for the audit, the various departments of the company on the quality management system to implement the effectiveness, adaptability, implementation of the assessment and evaluation.

  The external audit and the same as in previous years, still by the new era of certification center for my company assessment and evaluation and issue a written report. The audit team is composed of four auditors assigned by the certification center, and the quality department dispatches personnel from the side to assist. Through the interview with the leadership of the various functional departments of the company, access to relevant systems and information, as well as on the workshop, section of the site inspection, etc., the company's top management and system requirements within the departments, departments, workshops, sections, The

  In the three-day audit process, from the company leadership to the staff of the department are given full attention to the audit work, and actively cooperate with the audit team's work, truthfully answer the questions raised by the audit team, humbly accept the audit teacher's comments and suggestions The The leaders of the department in the audit process of the sector exposed and inadequate omission and do not cover up, do not protect the short, and actively consider the improvement measures, fully embodies the company's overall quality management system construction attention and support.

  Finally, the audit team reached the following audit conclusions: the company leaders attach great importance to the quality management system construction, operation and improvement; various departments on the quality management responsibilities clear division of the quality management process of the normative and implementation can be further improved; To achieve the process of control, product quality to meet customer requirements, the system is running normally effective. At the same time, the audit team made seven improvement suggestions in the aspects of production and service provision, design and development and continuous improvement, and asked the corresponding departments to complete the rectification work within 30 days and feedback to the certification center. At the last audit meeting, General Manager Hu Gang fully affirmed the work attitude of the audit team in a serious and responsible manner and asked all departments to make a serious rectification of the nonconformity of the audit group within the prescribed time limit, and to investigate similar problems , Learn by analogy, so that the company's product quality to achieve continuous improvement.